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Holland and Company provides estate planning and probate, corporate and land transfers.  The existing staff of six assists Lyle Carlstrom.

Holland and Company is located at 1779 Comox Avenue, down a breezeway that runs between the Blue Heron Bookstore and Harbourview Dental clinic. The office is wheelchair accessible from parking on Comox Avenue.


In an effort to flatten the COVID-19 pandemic curve our firm is:

  1. requesting clients with respiratory problems, or other Corona virus symptoms, to connect with us by phone so we can advance their file safely
  2. booking appointments at 9, 10 and 11 AM as well as 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30 PM (to promote self-isolation)
  3. wiping touch areas before each appointment in the office and the hallway leading to it
  4. making sanitizer available at reception and soap and water in washrooms
  5. allowing clients to keep pens used for signature
  6. suspending drop in visits
  7. allowing the free flow of fresh air wherever possible
  8. adopting remote work access (where necessary)
  9. encouraging electronic communications
  10. using a metal document drop-box and pick-up box
  11. using a screen in reception
  12. using a 2 meter signing table and other physical distancing strategies
  13. communicating our ongoing Covid 19 plan via phone, email, website, Facebook and sandwich board
  14. calling our clients to provide information about representation agreements for health care
  15. taping a buffer zone in our reception area
  16. requiring users to wash their own dishes where appropriate
  17. making out-of-office visits where appropriate
  18. outfitting our staff with masks and gloves when requested
  19. relocating staff work-stations to accord with regulatory requirements
  20. encouraging clients to wear their own PPE or requesting they wear that provided by our office
  21. encouraging staff with any Corona virus symptoms, or who have been in direct contact with someone who has tested positive with Covid 19, to isolate and be tested
  22. requiring staff awaiting test results to self-isolate away from the office
  23. requiring staff to communicate test results with our practice manager
  24. obliging all staff to be tested if there are any positive test results
  25. requesting clients help complete an intake form 
  26. requiring masks be worn by all visitors and staff consistent with PHO order of 19 November 2020
  27. refusing entry or service if visitors or clients do not wear a mask
  28. enforcing a mandatory mask policy with both employees and customers.

We trust you find this in order and encourage you to call (250) 339-7977 if you have comments, questions or concerns.

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