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Our COVID-19 Measures

Our COVID-19 Measures

In an effort to flatten the Covid 19 pandemic curve our firm is:

  1. Booking appointments at 9, 10 and 11 AM as well as 130, 230 and 3:30 PM (to promote self-isolation)
  2. Wiping touch areas before each appointment
  3. Making sanitizer available at reception and soap and water in washrooms
  4. Allowing clients to keep pens used for signature
  5. Suspending drop in visits
  6. Allowing the free flow of fresh air wherever possible
  7. Adopting remote work access where necessary
  8. Encouraging electronic communications
  9. Using a metal document drop-box
  10. Locking our inside door
  11. Using a 2 meter signing table
  12. Communicating our ongoing Covid 19 plan via email, website, Facebook and sandwich board.

We trust you find this in order and encourage you to call 250-339-7977 if you have comments, questions or concerns. If you have other suggestions for us we would welcome them:)

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