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What Can An Executor Expect Within 3 Months Of A Death?

What can an executor expect within 3 months of a death?

Within 3 months of the death of a will-maker an executor would ordinarily begin to administer the estate. Normally that would involve retaining a lawyer to advise on administration, to apply for a grant of probate or to bring any necessary matter before the court. Law firms familiar with the process ordinarily estimate probate to be granted within 2 months of the filing of the application. By this time the executor would also ordinarily receive notarially certified copies of the Will, Certificate of Death and Grant of Probate (once received). Estate counsel will also help the executor determine whether to advertise for claimants and to investigate any claims and debts of the estate.

Many law firms have estate administration departments that can assist with this process. Feel free to call our office and speak with estate administration Designated Paralegal Shelley Park if lawyer Lyle Carlstrom is busy.

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